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Falls vs. Brook Swim Meet

We will be hosting Clear Brook HS on Wednesday, October 27st at 6:00 pm. We will need several volunteers as both JV and Varsity will be competing. Please use the link below to sign up for a volunteer position.

Falls vs. Brook

October Booster Club Meeting

The October booster club meeting will be on Wednesday, October 6th. The board will meet at 6:15 with the general meeting at 6:30. Please use the TEAMS link below. Click here to join the meeting

Clear Falls vs Seven Lakes (Varsity only)

Varsity will swim Katy Seven Lakes at CFHS on Thursday, November 1st. There will not be diving at this meet.

CFHS warm-ups: 4:30-5:00

SL warm-ups from 5:00-5:30

Start at 5:30

Swim Meet Thursday Night!!!

We have our first swim meet Thursday, September 27th at Clear Falls. Athletes need to be at the pool at 4pm for warm-ups. The meet will begin at 5:30pm. Dual meets usually take around 2 hrs. Parents and athletes should plan on being at the pool until 7:30-8pm.


Attached you will find the qualifying times for Aggieland (11/3) and TISCA (11/16).

Entries for Aggieland are due 10/25 and TISCA are due 11/9 so times must be met before those dates.


Q Times

Team Store

Below you will find the link to the team store for the 18-19 year. You can purchase all required and optional merchandise on the site. The team store will close on September 4th so make sure you place your orders ASAP. If you are wondering, parents can purchase anything on this site as well!!!


LS Green shirt

LS Black shirt

NIKE Team Suit

Team T-Shirt (to be ordered on order form at parent meeting)



LS Grey

LS White

Short Sleeve shirts




Final Team Placement List

Attached is the list of class periods those who made the team will be in. I am currently working with CFHS counselors to get schedule corrected. If they are not correct at schedule preview, don’t worry. They will be corrected ASAP.

The attached list is only for class period placement. JV/Varsity teams will be determined after our Green/White meet at the end of September and will be re-evaluated after winter break. Now that you have made the team, keep working hard to reach your goals for the upcoming season.

Final Team Placement

2018-2019 Teams

Please see the attached form for the class period placement for the 2018-2019 school year. This is not a permanent placement as I can make changes at semester if anyone needs to be moved.

There is still another tryout date in July that athletes can be added to class periods. If you did not make the team and want to try out again in July, you are more than welcome to come.

Team Placement 18-19

2018-2019 Tryouts

Tryouts for the 2018-2019 season are right around the corner. Attached is the information sheet if anyone needs it. Below are a few reminders. If you have additional questions, please contact Coach Halford at

TryOut Information


  • You MUST have a physical on file with the CFHS trainers BEFORE you may tryout. You can bring the CCISD paperwork on the day of tryouts.
  • Make sure you arrive on time to tryouts. Once tryouts have begun, no late athletes will be allowed in the pool.
  • Tryouts are closed to parents.
  • Please pick up your athletes as soon as tryouts are completed.