Football Concession Friday Night

The Aquatics Booster Club has been given the opportunity to work the concession stand at the Falls vs Springs football game this coming Friday night September 28 at Columbia Challenger Stadium. Several members have already signed up to volunteer but we are still short of the requirement. You must be at the stadium at 6pm and stay for the entire game. Every job is broken down into stations with easy to understand instructions so even if you’ve never worked in the concession stand you will be able to pick it up very quickly. In the past this has been a fun evening for all and an easy fundraiser for the club. If you are available please send an email to and you will be added to the list. Below is a list of the individuals who had previously signed up. Please let me know if you are no longer available.

  1. Blair Wilson
  2. Jerry Wise
  3. Tammy Wise
  4. Cristan Morales
  5. Holly Conklin
  6. Sue Jette
  7. Wendy Avedisian
  8. Paul Deport
  9. Sheryl Quick
  10. Eric Hurlbert
  11. Leigh Sweetin
  12. Scott Shea
  13. Kara Shea
  14. John Haensly
  15. Tammy Delucia
  16. Laura Merritt
  17. Kim Jernigan
  18. Scott Jernigan
  19. Elizabeth Oliver
  20. Angie Chaviers

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